I have been to mutiple courses on regional over the years. I came to this course for the 3-D anatomy . . . I think the 3-D anatomy portion was awesome! Your didactic part of the course was extremely detailed and well done. I learned a lot.  You have provided an extraordinary amount of detailed information on regional blocks. Your attention to detail in thinking about all the aspects of doing a course is spot on. Your classroom was great. The quality of your course, the electronics you used, and your sincere desire to share your knowledge with other CRNAs to better our profession is outstanding!

-Melinda Miller, DNP, CRNA, Waxahachie, TX

"This was the absolute best didactic & hands-on instruction of any course I've ever taken. I went from zero knowledge to feeling prepared to perform blocks. Jacob Reinen is gifted in his ability to present this complex material."

-Bridget Tracy, CRNA, Huntington Beach, CA

"I would highly recommend this course. Reviewing the information prior to attending made adequately preparing easier. With the knowledge already in place I was able to focus on trying to find a rhythm and gaining comfort in finding proper landmarks for performing blocks. The 3D Anatomy computer program was a great asset and really helped you gain a greater understanding of anatomy involved with the different blocks." 

-Jacob Davis, CRNA, Moseley, Virginia

"I chose this course because of the hands-on learning of the cadaver lab and live model scanning. I think that the experience of actually needling and using the ultrasound was invaluable. I feel like I can actually leave this course and successfully perform these blocks regardless of having never used the ultrasound or done these blocks prior to starting this course. Excellent learning environment!" 

-Staci Howard, CRNA, Arlington, Texas

"Great course. Very in-depth review of anatomy. The on-line didactic part prepped me to jump in and start needling on the cadaver right away. The instructors are extremely knowledgeable and patient with the student. Thank you for the course! Well organized!" 

-Dean Melancon, CRNA, New Orleans, Louisiana

"Excellent course. I will highly recommend to my colleagues and anyone looking to improve their regional anesthetic skills." 

-Elsie Godwin, CRNA, Oakland, Maryland

"The knowledge and skills I gained from this course were invaluable. I attended another regional course last year but the course material and cadaver lab of this course were far superior and I feel much more proficient in my regional skills. Thank you!"

-Kelly Palmer, CRNA, Albuquerque, NM

"I have always had a mental block with regional anesthesia (no pun intended). I did not receive a lot of regional training during school and the CRNAs didn't do blocks in my first job. Being proficient in regional anesthesia is something that I've wanted to add to my toolbox. This course has given me the confidence to go back and add blocks into my practice."

-Salvador Guerrero, CRNA, El Paso, TX

I am an independent practitioner who has just joined an independent practice after 2 years in retirement. I practiced 30 years in a busy practice but never did blocks. My current position requires me to do blocks. I have been fearful about safety for my patients. This class has taught me through didactic and practical that I can do these blocks safely. Thank you.

-William Edwards, CRNA, Albuquerque, NM

"I was looking for a course that focused on CRNAs. The amount of actual hands-on block placement time was exceptional. One-on-one help was available to learn blocks that you will actually use."

-James R. Tarpley, CRNA, San Antonio, TX

"I thoroughly enjoyed Jake's Regional Anesthesia Seminar. It was very thorough on anatomy, ultrasound usage, image optimization & interpretation. The hands-on training was invaluable. It allowed hours of hands-on work with feedback. I feel much more comfortable with all the blocks needed in my practice. I highly recommend." 

-Erin Jiabia, CRNA, Bentonville, Arkansas

"The number of blocks covered in the course was phenomenal and greatly influenced my decision to attend Regional Anesthesia Seminars. The pre-lab preparation was very thorough and prepared me well for the scanning lab. The scanning lab gave me plenty of opportunities to apply the pre-lab learning knowledge I had gained and fine-tune my needling technique." 

-Andy Costin, CRNA, Carlsbad, NM

"Course was excellent! Very hands-on which was exactly what I was looking for. Lots of practicing with many different techniques for all the different blocks! Jacob and all the staff were great! Would definitely recommend!"

-Crystal Sustaita, CRNA, San Angelo, TX

"If you already do or want to do regional anesthesia in your clinical practice this class is a must! Jacob's knowledge, insight, & tips, along with the 3D Medical anatomy app, can't be beat!"

-Anna Clark, CRNA, Albuquerque, NM

"Jacob does an amazing job organizing a comprehensive course that leaves you feeling proficient with many different blocks after completing this course. The didactic portion paired with the cadaver lab is the only way to go!"

-Luke Schumacher, CRNA, Cohasset, MN

"This regional anesthesia course met my expectation beyond what I had expected. : )

3D Anatomy paired with the recorded lecture were superb. I like how I would work on the lecture and videos on my own pace. It helped me learn more. Hands-on lab was perfect as well. Jacob was very patient with all of us, took time to teach different techniques for different types of blocks. He was very passionate about the technique of regional anesthesia. I would recommend this to everyone who wants to learn regional anesthesia with different techniques whether you are a novice or expert."

-Alish Basnet, CRNA, Wichita, KS

The following is an excerpt from a letter written, some time ago, by one of the busier orthopedic surgeons at our facility to our hospital administration. We had met some initial resistance from administration about establishing a contract for On-Q disposable pain pumps due to their expense. This surgeon took it upon himself to draft this letter to administration to help bolster our cause. In this letter he makes specific reference to the ultrasound-guided regional anesthesia program my colleague and I established from the ground up . . .

"The whole field of pain management has for several years now been focused on minimizing the use of narcotic medication, especially in the perioperative period. The field of anesthesia has led the charge with the use of adjunctive regional blocks to reduce immediate post-operative pain. The role of anesthesia and the use of peripheral nerve blocks has dramatically changed the way patients are handled post-operatively both in-patient and out-patient. The days of "just put the patient to sleep and give 'em some morphine" is thankfully going away if not gone.

You should all know and recognize the tremendous contribution made by our anesthetists and the incredible role they play in perioperative pain management. I am specifically speaking about Michael Brewton and Jake Reinen. Their skill and interest in this component of the surgical home has elevated the level of care at NMC to levels I have not seen since leaving a major teaching institution back in Michigan. Their skills are heads and shoulder above anything in this region. You would have to go to Houston or Dallas to see anything approaching their expertise."

-Kenneth A. Jurist, M.D.

Performance Orthopedics of East Texas