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1. Click on "Login/Sign up" link in Guest Home Page header, then click "Sign up".


2. Submit Member Login Request by creating a password to associate with your email (must

    use the same email you used when registering for course).


3. Upon payment confirmation and receipt of Member Login Request, sends out confirmation email notifying you of site

    membership approval.


4. Click on the link in the membership approval email to go to and log in with your email and password to access

    Members' Home Page.


5. Click on "Start Here" video to view course overview and instructions to begin course.


6. Enjoy unlimited access to Block Presentation Video Library!


NOTE: A confirmation email, along with a link to this instruction page, will also be emailed to you.  A separate email with instructions on how to download Complete Anatomy app and access course content will also be coming your way. We will send those instructions once we hear back from 3D4 Medical that they have entered your registration information into their system (this process may take around 48 hours). Waiting for Complete Anatomy app will not prevent you from starting the course as you will not need to access this app until you have finished the first two presentations found on the Members' Home Page.

Enjoy the Course!!