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Registration Received.
Thank you!

IMPORTANT: Please set up course access IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING REGISTRATION by completing ALL OF THE STEPS BELOW. When only part of the steps are completed, a lot of time can be spent, on both your and our end, getting you set up later. Once course access is set up you may choose to begin the course any time (now or later).





2.  COMPLETE ANATOMY APP--a separate application downloaded to either your desktop or iPad (we HIGHLY recommend the iPad version. The interactive 3D anatomy presentations were created on the iPad for the iPad).



1.  To access BLOCK VIDEO LIBRARY on Home Page of

1.1.   Go to

1.2.  Click on "Login/Sign up" link in Guest Home Page header, then click "Sign up".


1.3.  Submit Member Login Request by creating a password to associate with your email (must use the same email you used when registering for course).


1.4.  Upon payment confirmation and receipt of Site Member Request, sends out confirmation email notifying you of site membership approval.


1.5.  Click on the link in the membership approval email to go to and log in with your email and password to access Members' Home Page.

1.6.  Select "Member Home" tab in header of page. 

1.7.  Click on "Start Here" video to view course overview and instructions to begin course.


2.  To download Complete Anatomy app and gain access to 3D Anatomy Presentations:

2.1.  Open the PDF document below and follow its instructions . . . 




NOTE: When completing STEP 2 on the PDF, please use the email that you used when registering for our course & just use a password of your choosing (it is helpful to use the same password you used when creating your Site Membership).


When completing STEP 3 on the PDF, please use the UNIQUE REDEMPTION CODE that we emailed to you right after you submitted a Site Member Request.


After you've completed ALL STEPS on the PDF, please do the following:


2.2.  Send email ( OR text (936-645-8850) and tell us your full name and let us know you are “Ready for Invite” (we cannot send invitation to our course content through the app until you have set up your account and entered your REDEMPTION CODE and we do not receive automated emails from 3D4 Medical to let us know when your license has been activated).


2.3.  When we receive your text/email we will send you an invitation THROUGH THE COMPLETE ANATOMY APP.


Here’s how to ACCEPT OUR INVITATION so our Regional Anesthesia Seminars course content can automatically sync to your copy of Complete Anatomy:

2.4.  Open Complete Anatomy app.

2.5.  Select the bell/notification icon in the upper left corner (2022 version) of Complete Anatomy home screen.

2.6.  Accept invitation (if you do not see a notification you will need to LOG OUT of app and then LOG BACK IN.

2.7.  Click on "X" in corner of screen to close out Notifications screen.

2.8.  From Complete Anatomy app main menu, select “Courses”.

2.9.  Click on “Regional Anesthesia Seminars Online Course”.


Enjoy content!


If you have any issues do not hesitate to call 936-645-8850.


We appreciate your business!

Enjoy the Course!

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