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Interactive 3D Anatomy Presentations

BY 3D4 MEDICAL'S "COMPLETE ANATOMY" APP is proud to partner with 3D4 Medical, LLC by utilizing their ground-breaking 3D anatomy medical learning platform to deliver stunning interactive 3D anatomy presentations. Winner of Apple's Design Award, 3D4 Medical's "Complete Anatomy" App employs cutting edge physical based rendering 3D computer model technology to produce a realistic and immersive learning experience that is nothing short of amazing! has developed interactive 3D anatomy presentations, specific to the practice of regional anesthesia, for all 13 of the nerve blocks covered in this course. These presentations will be of great value to both the novice as well as the most seasoned practitioner for they provide a depth of anatomical understanding that surpasses any level that can be reached through traditional learning methods. No anatomy textbook nor human cadaver specimen are as powerfully capable of conveying as thorough an understanding of the relationship between your inserted block needle and the tissue structures that surround it than this anatomically accurate 3D model. 


Click on the images below to learn more about some of the exciting features of 3D4 Medical's incredible app! 


1. Register for our course with our online registration form & submit secure online payment.


2. Download free trial version of Complete Anatomy app (see below).


3. submits your email to 3D4 Medical, LLC for you to be

    granted access to full version of Complete Anatomy app, along with full access to course content.


4. You receive email with clear instructions to access your included full version of Complete

    Anatomy--along with access to course content.

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New advanced features!

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Complete Anatomy app included in course fee!

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